Visa Stamping

Visa is a written permission certified that a person is permitted to enter a particular country (subject to the final approval of the Immigration Official at the time of actual entry).

T3 Attestation has more than sufficient experience and expertise for preparation of visa applications and submission to the concerned country’s Embassy / High Commission or Consulate. We also keeps latest & updated information on the eligibility , documentary requirements and prescribed fees for different categories of visa applications for country.

The visa stamp placed in your passport by a Embassy or Consulate shows the period during which you may enter the particular country.
If the date on the visa stamp expires while you are in that country.It need not be renewed until after you leave the country and wish to return again, provided that you maintain your legal status throughout your entire stay in country.

This means that you must possess a valid visa document at all times. The visa document is only valid if you remain in full-time student status.

Visa Stamping in India

Consular Districts and Locations:
Each visa section has a jurisdiction as noted below.

General Information :-

If you are a resident of India, you are required to select your current ‘State of Residence’ where you have been residing for the past six months or longer. Applicants of Odisha can now stamp there Visa anywhere in India.Visa Stamping in Odisha is very easy and reliable procedure’.

We Specialise in Passport Consultant, Visa Consultant like Medical Passport & Visa, Business Passport & Visa, Job Passport & Visa, Education Passport & Visa, Travel Passport & Visa.
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